The Hasids and hipsters are out on Prospect Lake.
Little boys, their tzitzis dangling, toss matzo and challah
to monstrous tow-headed swans. They squabble and claw
the soft baked braids while ducks peck holes in the flat crackers,
and the sun bends down to scatter coins on the water.
Each lit ripple has a shadow: itself and the negative of itself [...]

(Winner, AQLF Broadside Contest, 2011. Judge: Mark Doty. Read full poem here.) 



The following is a partial list of published poems. Most of the poems below appear in the book The God of Longing (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2014). Grateful acknowledgment is made to the editors of the publications in which the following poems first appeared. Links have been provided to poems where available.


"The Golden Hour," published by AQLF 2011. Judge: Mark Doty


American Poetry Journal: "Song"

Art & Understanding: “Ten Ways of Looking at an Appendix Scar,” “Disclosure,” "Ballad of the Kind Young Men"

Black Robert Journal: “Nonce” (Retitled "Evolution" in The God of Longing)

Bloom: "Headless Men"

Caesura: "Elegy"

Chabot Review: “Pandora,” “Veritas Premitur Non Opprimitur”

Cherry Blossom Review: “Persimmons”

Crab Creek Review: "Gretel Remembers" (finalist for Crab Creek Poetry Award, judge: Dorianne Laux)

Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide: “Anal Bleaching Is All the Rage

Gertrude: “Abecedarius”

GuyWriters Magazine: “Man Friday

The Innisfree Poetry Journal: "Elegy," "Facture"

Knockout: "In the Hall of Primitive Mammals"

Locuspoint: "Nocturne"

Modern Words: “Sestina for Spring," “Larry”

Poetry24: "Sarah Palin's Ride"

Poets/Artists: “Fault Zone," "Stay Little Valentine Stay," "Two Photographs," "We Return Our Squandered Bodies to Their Separate Rooms"

Slow Trains: “Aubades," “The Way We Walk," “Mother”

The Squaw Valley Review, "Catalogue"

Tawdry Bawdry: "Your Eyes"


The Southern Poetry Anthology, Vol. V: "Nocturne," "Rain," Texas A&M University Press, 2012

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