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Year in Review: Asleep at the Wheel

by Brent Calderwood
In 2011, many otherwise responsible adults slipped into a ‘Glee’-induced coma, forgetting that, although it may get better, it’s still pretty bleak for LGBT kids.

Despite all the Glee-tastic gay-youth storylines and popular campaigns that claimed we’re “Born This Way” and “It Gets Better,” 2011 may have been the year that the LGBT community forgot what it really means to grow up gay.

On September 19, 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer (pictured center) hanged himself outside his suburban Buffalo home, almost a year to the day that the ubiquitous It Gets Better YouTube campaign began its mission of using webcams to offer solace and hope to queer kids contending with bullying and violence. As the year crawls to a close, the It Gets Better Project has generated more than 26,000 YouTube videos, including one by Rodemeyer himself, just months before he claimed his own life…[more]

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